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760 Micron cards   arrow

760 Micron Cards are rigid plastic cards, and are the same thickness/size as credit and bank cards. They can be manufactured to be used with card printers or filled in by hand with signature/writing strips. A laminate flap can be attached if a photograph needs to be affixed.

Both magnetic stripes and bar codes can be added to 760 micron cards to enable them to be used for door entry or membership/loyalty scheme cards.

The security features that can be applied to 760 micron cards are:

  • Holographic and Plain Foils: Holographic foils are an efficient method of adding a level of security. Foils can be different shapes and sizes as required.
  • Numbering: A sequential number can be included on the front, back or both sides of the card. This gives an audit trail of cards that have been issued.
  • Barcoding: A static or sequential barcode can be included on the front, back or both sides of the card. Barcodes are useful as an identifier if a magnetic stripe is not needed.

If a laminate flap is attached then the following security features are also available:

  • Optically Variable Ink: This ink is silk-screened onto the laminate and the colour changes as the card is moved about. It also has the advantage of being transparent, therefore the card is still legible underneath the print.
  • Laminate overprint: We can overprint the laminate in solid colours. Unlike Optically Variable Ink this is opaque so the card is not visible under the print.