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Peel-Off Cards
Peel-Off or Push-Out Cards are an integral part of an A4 sheet of paper. The card is covered with a laminate film. The A4 sheet including the card can be personalised through a laser printer.

220 micron PVC Cards
These are thin plastic cards, which can be tabbed onto A4 sheets for personalisation through a laser printer. The cards are attached by removable glue so they can easily be taken off the sheet.

After the design is printed they are varnished leaving out the areas to be personalised.

440 micron PVC Cards
These cards are similar to 760 micron (credit card style) cards but a little thinner which means they do not take up bulk in purses, wallets, etc. These are filled in by hand and are appropriate where a laminate flap is not required.

After the design is printed they are varnished leaving out the areas to be filled in.

There are SECURITY FEATURES that can be applied; such as

  • Fluorescent Inks: Card designs can include Bright Fluorescent colours which are difficult to replicate.
  • Holographic and Plain Foils: Foils can be different shapes and sizes as required.
  • Numbering: A sequential number can be included on the front, back or both sides of the card.

The Multi-Card is a pulp board card with round corners. Available as either two or three cards in one, folding landscape or portrait, giving you either four or six sides to include information. These can have a laminate flap if a photograph is needed.

Insert Cards
Insert Cards are a simple pulp board card finished with either square or round corners with no self-seal laminate flap. They can be used with a pocket or wallet, or they can be inserted inside a larger cold seal pouch.