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We have extensive experience within the transport sector, working with local and national transport companies to fulfil their ticketing requirements.  If you are unsure of the most suitable solution, we can use this experience to help guide you to it.  As with all our products artwork is 100% FREE.  The products we manufacture include:

  • Scratch Cards
  • Bus Tickets
  • Ticket Seals
  • Student Bus Passes
  • Season Tickets
  • Travel Cards

Cold Seal Cards and Cold Seal Plastic cards are used for ID cards and Season Tickets especially if a photograph is needed.  The laminate will seal all the entered information to assist in the reduction of tampering.

Printed cards without laminate may be suitable when a photograph is not required and information does not need to be sealed.

Scratch Cards enable swift recognition of expiry dates and are convenient when there are multiple possible issuing dates.  Days, month and year dates are scratched off as appropriate to show the expiry date and so can be used for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tickets.

Ticket Seals are printed board with a laminate flap to encapsulate printed tickets.  The laminate is available as anti-fade, which is necessary for various types of thermal ticket printers where the print fades once in contact with the laminate.

Other types of tickets and passes can be manufactured for specific needs.
We have the capability and flexibility to come up with unique solutions to our customers’ individual requirements.

Security Features can be applied to all tickets and passes, including;

Fluorescent Inks: Card designs can include bright fluorescent colours which are difficult to replicate.

Holographic and Plain Foils: Foils can be applied to the laminate or card surface.

Optically Variable Ink : This ink is silk-screened onto laminate, if laminate is used, and the colour changes as the card is moved about – it also has the advantage of being transparent, therefore the card is still legible underneath the print.

Laminate overprint: We can overprint the laminate in solid colours – unlike Optically Variable Ink this is opaque so the card is not visible under the print.

Numbering: A sequential number can be included on the front, back or both sides of the card – the number is sealed under the laminate.