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Welcome to our new website and our first blog.

We will not only be using this blog to provide information and news about our company, but also to write about a wider range of issues within the printing industry generally.

We are proud to be part of the printing sector, which may be seen as outdated in some ways with the rise of the computer age. Yet, take a look around. How many man-made items can you see that do not have some form of printing incorporated?

This is still an important sector of the UK economy and is showing signs of stabilising after many years of consolidation. In 2013 there was an estimated £9 billion turnover; over 10,000 companies; and over 77,000 employees. As within the UK as a whole the vast majority of these companies are SME’s, often with fewer than 10 employees.

There are numerous methods of printing: Litho, digital, gravure, flexo and silkscreen are some of them. They all have their role to play in the printing of packaging, books, magazines, banners, stickers, cards, stationery, posters, tee-shirts, road signs, etc.

EBF Smart Inprint has been manufacturing from this site since 1987. So, in over a quarter of a century we have seen and felt the ups and downs of the printing industry as change (often rapid) occurs and the economy fluctuates. We have no doubt that many more challenges lie ahead, but by evolving and utilising our strong customer base we are well positioned to confront the future.

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction and please do visit us again soon.


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